There is something wonderfully liberating when you discover the joy life can bring (again) with the understanding and realisation of the full meaning of living your life…Once more! Jen Marr did this for me. I’d tried all the therapy offered to us from cognitive to forensic to psychotherapy for over 15 years of my life. What Jen has to offer is something phenomenal yet simple. There is no take homework or the pain in reliving past hurts or even trying to change how you feel. It is simply about moving forward in your life without pain and guilt while recognising what you’ve been doing and suffering, you’d need not to do anymore. The sessions are mind-boggling because it is so easy, simple and truly EFFECTIVE. I know today, all my suffering, fear, and pain that was so unbearable (at the time in the place felt warranted – or so I thought) was literally unnecessary. The hardest part. Coming to terms with how you put yourself through so much pain for so long only to find an easier, less resistant path. This path makes much more sense to me than the one I used to travel. This way of thinking I choose. Because it makes more sense to be the better version of myself than the one lost in translation. Thank you, Jen Marr. With great gratitude xx

Karen Yap | Karen Yap - Forde ACT

Sitting down and chatting with Jennie helped me see things from a completely different perspective and how I don’t have to automatically act out on my thoughts and feelings. I live with more ease and flow and don’t take life so seriously.

Meryse Foster | Meryse Foster - Hampton Vic

Thank you Jen for your openness and guidance. Every discussion we had I felt as though I had resurfaced and come up for air on the other side of what I had thought was a problem. It was so refreshing to be open to new thoughts and send a ripple through repetitive thought patterns I hadn’t even recognised. How could I be open to a new outcome that way? I appreciate the ease of viewing the space I’m in after learning from you. I wish you inner wellness every day.

Leana Fink | Leana Fink - Caulfield, Vic

There are improvements I have made within my life since the sessions, that I don’t believe I would have been able to do without Jennifer’s encouragement and guidance. I would recommend Jennifer’s coaching to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you for all your support, it has been amazing.

Laura B | Laura B - Sydney NSW

I now feel very comfortable tapping into my emotional space.  This is a gift.  She also helped me focus on small steps (and sometimes massive steps), not procrastinating, and realising that we all get knocked down before we make it to the Pro Titles in life.  So I’m now excited to step into the ring and contend for the prize that is life, without fear of failure, and without fear of success.  Thanks so much Jen.  You’re friggin’ awesome!!!!

Gordon S | Gordon S- Surfers Paradise QLD

Jen’s non-judgmental and supportive coaching style encouraged me to talk about a range of cognizant and subliminal issues that I had previously not been willing to discuss with anyone. Bravo Jen – she succeeded where many professionals and other well-intentioned people had failed. And I (and my wife) thank her for it

Gary C | Gary C - United Kingdom
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