Navigating depression and ptsd in veterans

In the dark: Navigating depression and PTSD in veterans – After initially adjusting well to civilian life, Steve* suffers a sudden breakdown after his young child is seriously injured, triggering the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder.  – Recently returned from deployment, Lucy* finds herself obsessively checking the doors are locked and secure each night, compulsively repeating the process over and […]

The unsung role of the veteran spouse

Love and War: The unsung role of the veteran spouse Falling in love with a soldier has a certain romantic ring to it. It conjures images of love blooming in a war zone, and the tearful farewells and ecstatic reunions of the first and second world wars. And while much of that may be true, there’s another side to being a […]

An ANZAC Day reflection on a life in the military

Peace and perspective: An ANZAC Day reflection ANZAC Day is often a bittersweet experience. A national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to commemorate the sacrifice and service of veterans, both past and present, it provides an opportunity for reflection and gratitude. But it’s a day that can also bring painful memories to the surface and highlight the […]

Going home: Surviving the transition to civilian life You’re home. After years of sacrifice and service, you’re finally back home with your family. It might be a temporary return from deployment or a more permanent homecoming. At first, it feels wonderful; everyone is so overjoyed to have you back safe and sound. Relief and gratitude in equal measure. But the […]

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